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    An Electronic Key Management System

    Key Management System

Saves Time, Saves Money

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Precise Key Control

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Keyguard is RFID based intelligent Key Management System which holds keys securely and provides access to authorized users only. Keyguard secures critical assets.

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Key Management System Features

  • Quick Key Dispensing

    Our Keyguard facilitates Easy & Quick withdrawal and deposit of keys.

  • Saves Manpower & Money

    Quick Access of Keys saves time of team members. Critical assets are available on Time.

  • Precise Key Control

    Our Key Management System ensures authorized access of keys to its users.

  • Automatic User Identification

    Keyguard automatically identifies its users through RFID Technology / Biometrics and displays their authorized keys.

  • Each Key Activity Logged

    Every key withdrawal & deposit actions are tracked and logged

  • Alerts On Late Keys

    Get notified via Email & SMS when keys are not returned on time

Why Choose KEYGUARD?

Conventional lock & keys ONLY guard assets shared by team members. Keyguard CONTROLS who gets access to what & when as per your pre-assigned policy!

Eliminates Time wastage through Quick Access to shared assets.

Keyguard uniquely identifies keys & users, thereby eliminating need of dedicated security manpower. The security manpower can be deployed for more important vigilance operation.

Saves precious time of team members & security personnel - Recover your investment within few months !

Electronic Key Management System

Watch why KeyGuard - The Electronic Key Management System is effective solution for securing critical assets.

Key Management System Applications

Our product has wide variety of applications. And there are many more to come!

Hotels & Resorts



Corporate Offices

Transport & Logistics

Automobile Business

Industries & Factories

Retail Chains

Shopping Malls


Police Station

Control Rooms

Key Management System Applications

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